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Reasons To Send Your Young Baseball Player To A Sports Training Academy Camp

Barry Johnson

If you have a son who is serious about playing baseball, you want to do all that you can to support this endeavor. This can include taking him to tryouts for elite programs and hiring one-on-one instruction from expert teachers. You may also wish to have your teen attend a baseball camp at a sports training academy. These camps are often offered several times throughout the year, but are especially common during the winter, when they won't interfere with players' baseball seasons. If you have a sports training academy in your area or even a moderate drive away, enrollment is a good idea. Here are some reasons why.

Drills To Stay Sharp

Baseball players can potentially experience a small decline in their skills over the winter if they're not playing the sport regularly. If you live in an area in which outdoor baseball isn't possible 12 months a year, you need to seek indoor training for your teen during the winter — and a sports training academy camp can be the perfect opportunity. Typically featuring large indoor fields, sports training academies can accommodate young baseball players in a variety of drills that will help them to keep their skills sharp.

Sport-Specific Strength Training

In order to succeed on the diamond, teenage baseball players need to also spend a lot of time performing strength training. Baseball isn't a sport that rewards beach muscles, which means that your teen's dedication to crunches and biceps curls may be unhelpful. At a sports training academy, your son will work with professional trainers to learn a strength training regimen specific to baseball. Strengthening the legs, core, and backside, for example, are all integral to strength in hitting and throwing.

Educational Seminars

Although much of the daily routine at a sports training academy baseball camp will involve playing baseball in some capacity, you can also expect that your young athlete will get a chance to attend some baseball education seminars. For example, the agenda may include guest speakers who can talk about various elements of the game. A sports psychologist may discuss mental toughness, while a college baseball player may talk about going through the process of being recruited by colleges, and share some tips that he has learned along the way. Sports academies across your state and beyond offer all sorts of camps of this nature, so you'll have no trouble finding one that will suit your young baseball player.


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