Choosing To Learn

Choosing To Learn

Supplementing Your Child's Academic Learning Outside Of School

Barry Johnson

Making sure that your child gets a good education starts with selecting a good school. Although you will want to send your child to a good school in the area, sometimes school isn't enough to get your child all of the skills that you desire. When this happens, you can supplement your child's educational attainment with outside learning. Here are three academic services that can aid your child in getting ahead with their education. 

Personal tutor for the sore subjects

Some students have subjects that are harder for them to catch on to than others. Even if your student is getting a good score on some work on the subject, it may take them hours longer than it should in order to complete work or study for that class. If this is the case with your student, the best intervention is a personal tutor. A tutor will be able to educate your student based on their own personal learning style. This will make it easier for your child to understand the logic behind the lessons and grasp subject concepts quicker. 

Enter into academic teams

Learning academic teamwork early is a good idea. If there are academic teams in your area that concentrate on certain subjects that your child loves, this is an excellent way to supplement learning and allow your child to flourish. Science explorers clubs, astronomy classes, and competitive math teams are the perfect way for your child to indulge in their favorite subject. Sign them up for a class that meets around once a week so that they are not overwhelmed, but they do get the full experience of learning extensively in their favorite subject. 

Provide real life example lessons

There are some classes that seem monotonous to students and this can impact the student's learning. If your student is bored with a subject and is underperforming or under learning, you should set up some real-life learning examples to help them with this cause. For example, if a student is bored of math, have them help with bookkeeping or accounting in order to make the subject applicable to real life. For children who are going through chemistry class, have them look up the chemical compounds or the scientific names for some of the ingredients in products that they utilize each day. Have them understand how the product's chemicals work together to make science class more fun and more understandable. 


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