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Choosing To Learn

Is Your Child Wanting Driving Lessons?

Barry Johnson

If you have a teenager who is about fifteen years old, he or she has probably already asked when he or she can start driving. Do you think he or she is ready? How about you? Are you ready to let your child take the big step into adulthood? On one hand, you are probably scared witless, right? However, on the other hand it's probably exciting even for you to realize that your child has reached this new point in his or her life. And, just think about the fact that you won't have to be your child's chauffeur again! From arranging for driving lessons to setting up some rules, here are some ideas that might help you.

Arrange For Driving Lessons - When you learned how to drive, did one of your parents teach you? If so, it might not have been the most wonderful experience for you, as he or she might have been pretty nervous during the entire lesson. If you learned how to drive at a professional driving school, it is more than likely that you have some pretty good memories of that driver training course. Either way, turning the instruction over to a professional might be one of the best ways you've ever spent your money. Your child will be taught things like laws and driver courtesy in the classroom. He or she might witness what can happen on the road through watching some pretty explicit movies. The next step will be when he or she actually gets to drive with the instructor. One of the benefits is that there will more than likely be other students and your child will even learn from driving with them. 

Set Up Some Rules - Even before your child gets his or her driver's license, think about sitting down together to establish some important rules. Write them down on paper, initial or sign them, get your child to do the same, and then date the document. Keep it in a safe place so that you can pull it out and go over it with your child if the need arises. You might want to establish things like curfew, both during the week and on weekends, how many kids can drive in the car with your child, and the fact that the car will be off limits if grades go down or if there is misbehavior that warrants having the keys taken away.

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