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Choosing To Learn

Learning, Travel, And Why Your Teen Should Consider An Online High School

Barry Johnson

Is online high school the right choice for your teen? Your child got a glimpse of cyber schooling during the early months of the pandemic. Now that schools are open for in-person learning, your teen wants to explore all of their options. If you're not sure why your child should attend an online charter high school, take a look at the top benefits of a cyber-only educational option. 

Individually Paced Learning 

Every child is an individual—and that means your teen may learn in their own way. Whether your teen needs more time to explore complex concepts, is a fast-paced student who quickly works through and masters the material, or doesn't want the stress of a standard school schedule, virtual high school can help your child to find a pace that matches their educational needs.

Instead of following a structured schedule with rigid benchmarks, many cyber schools offer at least some flexibility. This allows students who learn at different paces to work with educators and administrators to find a schedule that fits their individual needs. 

Travel-Ready Options

Cyber school can happen almost anywhere. Provided your child has an Internet connection, they can take classes from your living room, their bedroom, or a hotel on another continent. 

Some children learn best through real-world experience. For many of these students, these experiences include traveling the country or the globe. From visiting historical sites in the U.S. to landmarks in Europe, Asia, or Africa, travel can bring the texts your child reads in school to life and help them to understand the complexities of other cultures.

Students who attend a traditional brick-and-mortar school have limited travel times. These opportunities typically only happen during the summer months or the between-semester winter break. A cyber student won't need to wait until a school vacation to jet off to a foreign country or take a road trip to another state. This allows your student to explore the world and potentially visit the places they learn about in school.

The travel benefits of cyber school go beyond the student. If your entire family enjoys traveling, online school provides you with the flexibility needed to schedule trips. You won't need to wait months until your child has a few days or weeks off from school to plan a vacation. This allows you to spend more time together traveling as a family—minus the need to pull your child out of school for mid-year trips. 

For more information, contact a local school like Agora Cyber Charter School.


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