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Three Myths About Being An Airline Pilot

Barry Johnson

If you love flying and traveling, you may dream of one day being a commercial pilot and flying the planes that transport thousands of people around the world every day. But while being a commercial pilot can be a very rewarding career, it is one that is shrouded in a lot of myths. In order for you to pursue this profession seriously, you must first know the truth about the path towards becoming an airline pilot and what this profession entails.

Myth #1: All pilots find job easily.

Some people think that becoming a pilot is a bit like becoming a doctor. As long as you graduate from aviation school, there's a job ready and waiting for you--right? Well, not exactly. The truth is, there are a lot more licensed pilots than there are commercial airline jobs. Many pilots end up flying cargo planes or  for years before they land a job as a commercial pilot. Do not let this deter you from pursuing a career as an airline pilot if that is your true passion, but do know that the ride will be a fierce, competitive one. Getting accepted to and completing airline school is just the first step. You will also need to get great grades and make the right connections while in school to improve your chances of finding a good job.

Myth #2: Being an airline pilot is a luxurious job.

You may have visions of sitting in the cockpit, being waited on by flight attendants, while relaxing and overseeing the flight plans. It's true that there are times when being a pilot feels luxurious. But it's also a career with its fair share of difficulties. You won't be able to maintain a consistent sleeping schedule, especially during your first few years on the job when you're scheduled for the overnight flights that more experienced pilots don't want. You'll have to land planes in storms, all the while knowing in the back of your mind that hundreds of lives rest on your shoulders. Being a pilot is not a stress-free job by any means. There are many lower-stress jobs that give you the perks of travel if that's ultimately what you are after.

Myth #3: Once you're done with aviation school, you are done with your education as a pilot.

As in many professions, pilots have to continue meeting educational requirements year after year in order to remain certified. They have to complete testing in a simulator every 6 months and learn about new emergency procedures as they are passed. Anyone who becomes a pilot should be prepared for a lifetime of continued education. Contact a school, like Institute of Aviation at Parkland College, for more help.


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