Choosing To Learn

Choosing To Learn

Are You Ready To Beef Up Your Credentials? 3 Tips To Be Successful In College When You Work A Fast Food Schedule

Barry Johnson

Your fast food job is where you've honed your cooking skills, but now you are ready to take things to the next level. While you might've enjoyed a rotating schedule in the past, you're now a little concerned about how you'll squeeze college classes in when you have to work a double. Whether your ultimate goal is to move up in management or work in a completely different field, you can use these tips to find success in your online college courses.

Speak Up

Those many hours of customer service have taught you a few things about helping people get what they want. Now, it's your turn to speak up and let your coworkers and manager know what you need to succeed. Once you enroll in your online classes, let your manager know that you are going to school. Although they might not be able to give you every day off that you want, they may be able to help you work around important dates such as when a major paper is due or you're expected to take a test.

Flip To Digital

Forget about lugging around heavy textbooks, and save those arms for working the grill. As you prepare for your college courses, consider using digital textbooks that allow you to study on the fly without being weighed down. Today, many textbooks can be downloaded or viewed online, which makes it easier for you to pull up your study materials anywhere and anytime.

Work In Windows

Fast food schedules can get hectic, but you can maximize each moment that you have off to make sure that you have time to study. Take a few minutes to analyze your schedule when it comes in each week. Then, find little pockets of time where you can squeeze in a quick study lesson. For instance, you could study new vocabulary during a 15-minute break, or you could have a coworker quiz you on your study notes over lunch. Working within these small windows of opportunity helps you remember new information quickly so that you don't have as many long cram sessions weighing you down.

The decision to head back to school is one that took some serious thought and consideration. Yet, you know that this is the best choice you could make for finally finding a way to get ahead. By using these tips to prep for your first online class, you can look forward to finally moving up the line to a position that brings you success.


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